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Final GHS Compliance Date - June 1, 2016
Important News UPDATE for Mold Remediation Contractors who do work 
in NY State...  
Valued School Clients:
Recent headlines about elevated lead in drinking water in Flint, Michigan, Newark Public Schools, among others, have brought attention to a very serious long standing public health issue.  GSE's public school and other public and private sector clients have been urgently calling for information and assistance. 
The most common questions include:
  • Are our buildings at risk?
"Right to Know" season is right around the corner...

IAQ Complaints Will Happen!

Indoor Air Quality 2011

Important News for Mold Remediation Contractors who do work in NY State...  
New York State has passed a new law (Chapter 55, Article 32 of Laws of New York, 2014) requiring licensure of Mold Remediation Contractors and Mold Abatement Workers and Mold Assessors (consultants) for all mold-related projects in New York State involving more than ten (10) square feet of mold.  The law takes effect on January 1, 2016. 
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OSHA's New Confined Spaces Rule Affects Residential Contractors
The US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has developed a new rule to protect workers in confined spaces, including residential attics and crawl spaces, that will impact the work of many residential and commercial contractors.
Cold weather can lead to mold and IAQ issues.

New NJ Rule Requires High Schools Students to Learn CPR

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