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GSE is expanding with a new Northern Delaware Field Office. This will allow us to more efficiently service our many existing and new clients in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area, and Delaware and northeastern Maryland.

Legionella contamination is on the rise as buildings reopen after long shutdowns. These bacteria are responsible for causing Legionnaire's Disease, a serious and common respiratory illness. Temporary shutdown of buildings can result in stagnant water in the building's plumbing system which increases the risk for growth and spread of Legionella and other biofilm-associated bacteria.

As building owners and managers begin planning for re-occupancy of shutdown or reduced operation buildings, it is critical to address the risk of COVID-19 and other hazardous exposures to building occupants.  Five key categories of risk and recommended steps are outlined below.


With all the recent headlines and news reports from Flint, MI to Newark, NJ and elsewhere, many building managers, owners and occupants are asking:
Should I be worried about lead in my drinking water?
The answer is YES for many but it depends on the following key factors:

Many of our readers and clients remember with dread the “mold devastation of 2018” when an explosion of mold growth occurred in school districts across New Jersey as relentless rains and high humidity plagued the state for most of the summer and early fall.  While those conditions were more extreme than in the recent past, unfortunately unusual weather patterns are becoming more common.


As we get into the 2019 summer, smart facility managers will apply the lessons from 2018 to reduce their risks of another mold explosion in their facilities.


Limiting Mercury Hazards from Rubber-Like Floors

"Right to Know" season is right around the corner...
It's hard to believe that 2018 and the holidays are behind us. We hope all of our readers had a great holiday season. Ready or not, it's time to get back to business!

GSE has received a number of calls recently from school district clients for assistance in preparing for QSAC site inspections. It is an important reminder of the importance of maintaining and documenting your compliance programs on an ongoing basis.

Read on for answers to all your mold questions.

Ignoring mold can come back to haunt you. Click through for some frequently asked questions and answers.