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Lead in Drinking Water

Valued School Clients:
Recent headlines about elevated lead in drinking water in Flint, Michigan, Newark Public Schools, among others, have brought attention to a very serious long standing public health issue.  GSE's public school and other public and private sector clients have been urgently calling for information and assistance. 
The most common questions include:
  • Are our buildings at risk?
  • Should we test the drinking water?
  • Where, how many and what type of samples are needed?
  • How soon can we get sampling done?
  • What information do we need to provide to plan for sampling?
  • What should we do in the meantime until we get test results?
  • How do we communicate with the public, staff and parents without increasing fears?
  • What do we do if the samples are elevated?
GSE's team of public health, environmental and industrial hygiene experts are qualified and experienced in these type of drinking water investigations and are fully prepared to provide the technical support needed to properly address these concerns.  We can immediately provide:
  • Technical information for better understanding of the issues and risks
  • Development and implementation of a sampling strategy, including sample collection and lab analysis at a leading NJDEP Certified Laboratory
  • Expert analysis of lab results and design of appropriate remedial plans
  • Risk communication services for public, staff, students and other stakeholders
For background on this issue, please open this link to the New Jersey Department of Health Fact Sheet:
Of course there are many other sources of authoritative information including the USEPA, NJDEP, federal CDC, etc..  A few of these links can be found below.  GSE can also provide and explain additional technical information as requested.
Call us at 201-652-1119 or e-mail Jane Boogaert for information on how we can cost-effectively assist your organization.