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Many of our readers and clients remember with dread the “mold devastation of 2018” when an explosion of mold growth occurred in school districts across New Jersey as relentless rains and high humidity plagued the state for most of the summer and early fall.  While those conditions were more extreme than in the recent past, unfortunately unusual weather patterns are becoming more common.


As we get into the 2019 summer, smart facility managers will apply the lessons from 2018 to reduce their risks of another mold explosion in their facilities.


Read on for answers to all your mold questions.

Ignoring mold can come back to haunt you. Click through for some frequently asked questions and answers.

How much do you know about mold? Click through for some frequently asked questions and answers.

Important News UPDATE for Mold Remediation Contractors who do work 
in NY State...  

IAQ Complaints Will Happen!

Indoor Air Quality 2011

Important News for Mold Remediation Contractors who do work in NY State...  
New York State has passed a new law (Chapter 55, Article 32 of Laws of New York, 2014) requiring licensure of Mold Remediation Contractors and Mold Abatement Workers and Mold Assessors (consultants) for all mold-related projects in New York State involving more than ten (10) square feet of mold.  The law takes effect on January 1, 2016. 
Cold weather can lead to mold and IAQ issues.

Frequently asked questions (and answers) about MOLD

I hear a lot about "toxic mold" and "black deadly mold" in the media - How concerned should I be?