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GSE has been providing expert industrial hygiene services for over 35 years throughout the tri-state area. We have a team of Industrial Hygienists, Environmental Consultants and Public Health Experts who regularly interact with mold and other remedial contractors. We have overseen more than 10,000 water intrusion, mold and IAQ projects for builders, property managers, building owners, corporations, medical facilities, attorneys, engineers, homeowners, realtors, etc. We have worked hard to earn a long-standing reputation as scientifically proficient, careful, thorough, practical and competitively priced experts.




Since every good mold remediation contractor needs an experienced, qualified and “practical” Industrial Hygienist to back them up, GSE…
  1. provides fast response to avoid project delays (next day lab results and reports if needed).
  2. assumes the liability in assessing the extent of mold contamination and developing the proper Scope of Work or Remediation Protocol (specific, detailed and easy to follow).
  3. views contractors as partners.
  4. is available for immediate technical guidance, especially if new findings emerge during remediation.
  5. provides independent clearance testing for final documentation.
  6. takes responsibility for risk communication to define expectations and reduce fears.
  7. solidifies your relationship with your clients and allows you to focus on what you do best.
  8. avoids any conflict of interest through providing independent third party professional services.


Other Hazards:


Of course, mold remediation commonly involves demolition of moldy and/or water damaged building materials. Removing certain building materials (especially in older buildings) without knowing if they contain other hazardous materials (such as asbestos or lead paint), is a serious risk to your workers and occupants of the building.
Let’s face it, your workers may be generally aware of possible hazards, but how is that knowledge incorporated into your everyday business practices? Completing jobs quickly and efficiently is critical to your business success. Environmental hazards can slow you down, pose a risk to your workers and customers and cost you time and money. In some cases there may be substantial legal liability when these hazards are not controlled.
The risk of asbestos exposure during mold remediation has caused many insurance companies (including Travelers and State Farm) to require asbestos sampling in older buildings prior to any demolition or disturbance of materials suspected of containing asbestos. 
GSE currently provides pre-remediation asbestos (and lead paint) surveys for many contractors - we’d like to add you to our growing family of clients!
While this smart policy can protect your interests as a contractor and protect building occupants and visitors, you need the support of an experienced, qualified and responsive industrial hygiene firm to be sure that testing is done quickly and properly. 
  • Asbestos was often used in older wallboard, plaster and joint compound to add strength and fire resistance?
  • Asbestos was commonly used in caulking and window glazing?
  • Asbestos is still used in many building products such as insulating panels, appliances, roofing and siding, adhesives, brake linings, heating system gaskets, among others?
  • Buildings constructed into the 1990’s and beyond may still contain asbestos?
  • The USEPA requires contractor training in lead safe work practices.
  • Lead Paint can cause a health hazard if disturbed even if it has been painted over with non-lead paint many times?
Our consulting team is prepared to assist you when “other hazards” such as asbestos and lead-based paint are suspected
The world is still grappling with the COVID pandemic while still keeping our economy (and society) functioning. That presents a huge challenge to remediation contractors who have to protect their workers and their customers and still do a great job. GSE’s expert team is closely monitoring the latest information including regular contact with key government officials so we can offer the latest technical guidance to our clients.
GSE has you covered by offering…
  • Infection Control Consulting based on current scientific and public health consensus standards
  • Reopening Strategic Planning
  • Cleaning and Disinfection Protocols
  • Post Cleaning Surface Testing
  • Employee and Client Training
  • Respiratory Protection Programs and Fit Testing