Mold Remediation Project Management

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Project Management is provided from the time of initial assessment through final clearance. This may include; assistance in preparing bid specifications and related documents, identification and selection of remediation contractors, and liaison with building owners/occupants, other contractors, regulatory officials, and other interested parties.

Development of a detailed Scope of Work to guide the remediation and clearance process. Clear and specific instructions are provided to eliminate any guess-work and minimize mistakes.

Technical oversight and troubleshooting during remediation activities is done to ensure that the scope of work is followed, any new findings are incorporated, and the remediation contractor fully understands the process. If necessary, we will conduct on-site progress inspections to guide field-based decisions.

Careful risk communication to affected building occupants/owners and other interested parties. This is a hallmark of our respected program. We have consistently found that if all impacted parties understand the nature of the problem, the level of risk, the details of the process for correction, and have the opportunity to ask questions, then the entire process can proceed without undue emotion and unfounded fear.