GSE provides expert consulting services on a variety of common environmental issues, including those that are regulated by both federal, state and in some cases local agencies. As with all our services, our approach features:

  • Fast response to minimize project delays
  • Hazard assessments based on many years of experience and technical training
  • Next day lab results, if needed
  • Practical guidance to protect your workers, building occupants and to reduce your legal liabilities
  • Subcontract relationships to allow single source billing and maintain seamless project control


Lead Based Paint - Click to enlarge

GSE’s USEPA and NJDOH Certified Lead Inspector/Risk Assessors can provide inspections, testing and consulting for lead-based paint issues in any setting. Approaches include X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) scanning and paint chip sample collection. Reports include:

  • The locations, quantities and condition of lead-based paint
  • Overview of any lead hazards
  • Recommendations for maintenance or abatement based on site conditions and the type of building



GSE will work directly with facility managers and building owners facing known or suspected PCB contamination problems to help develop practical approaches to identify and reduce PCB exposures and minimize associated risks.

GSE can provide:

  • PCB inspections and sampling
  • Pre-demolition, pre-renovation or pre-sale surveys
  • Identifying and selecting qualified abatement contractors
  • Abatement project design and management
  • Abatement monitoring and clearance services


GSE’s Certified Radon Measurement Technicians can provide the following services:

  • Design and implement radon testing programs
  • Analysis at a certified radon laboratory
  • Data analysis and recommendations for mitigation
  • Periodic monitoring programs
  • Educational or public relations programs to place radon related risks in proper perspective

Radon Movement- Click to enlarge


GSE offers cost effective air permitting services to ensure your compliance with applicable air pollution regulations. Our air pollution permitting experts will collect all of the necessary information about the covered equipment and complete the required permit application(s) on-line, freeing you up for other priorities. We will also track each permit application to insure that the required renewals and/or modifications are completed on time. Services available for all permitted air emissions sources including:

  • Boilers greater than 1 million BTUs
  • Emergency generators
  • Air pollution control equipment
  • Land field gas collection systems
  • Manufacturing/industrial processes


Lead in Drinking Water (LDW) continues to be a major concern for municipalities, companies and schools since lead-containing plumbing components can leach into potable water. GSE’s team of consultants has completed “thousands” of LDW tests in accordance with USEPA and State of NJ standards. We work closely with our clients to prepare for testing, provide complete documentation and expert technical guidance on remediation options, and offer risk communication services to provide required information without inflaming fears. Our large volume of tests results in very low per test lab costs.

Legionella is a bacteria that naturally occurs in surface waters. These organisms commonly grow within plumbing systems of buildings, especially in sections of the systems that are stagnant or under-treated. The risk for disease transmission is based on exposure to “aerosolized” contaminated water such as in faucets with aerators, showers, whirlpools, fountains, spray misters, cooling towers, etc. NOTE: The 2019-2020 pandemic resulted in many buildings being unoccupied or under-occupied with corresponding reduced use of water. These stagnant conditions increase the potential for the growth of Legionella organisms.

GSE has been providing complete building evaluation, testing, consulting and remediation project management for public and private building owners for over twenty years.

Other Contaminants (such as bacteria or chemicals) can be tested through GSE’s associated certified environmental laboratory partners. GSE’s team will provide the technical consulting necessary to determine the testing needed, coordinate sampling, analyze results and provide expert guidance on any remedial steps.


Whether it be community noise from a nearby industrial facility or interior noise from mechanical equipment, GSE can provide the following related services:

  • Area noise measurements, reporting and consulting
  • OSHA noise measurements to determine if a formal Hearing Conservation program is needed
  • Development of Hearing Conservation written plans and policies
  • Hearing Conservation training
  • Development of noise control measures