GSE provides expert consulting services on a variety of common environmental issues, including those that are regulated by both federal, state and in some cases local agencies. As with all our services, our approach features:

  • Fast response to minimize project delays
  • Hazard assessments based on many years of experience and technical training
  • Next day lab results, if needed
  • Practical guidance to protect your workers, building occupants and to reduce your legal liabilities
  • Subcontract relationships to allow single source billing and allow partners to maintain project control where applicable

Lead-Based Paint

Lead Based Paint - Click to enlarge

  • GSE’s NJDHSS certified lead inspector/risk assessor can provide inspections, testing and consulting for lead-based paint issues in any setting. The information is documented in a report that will include:
    • The locations and quantities of the lead paint
    • Any immediate or long term hazards present
    • Methods to live or work safely with the existing conditions
    • Techniques to safely do work in the house or building
    • Recommendations and technical oversight for abatement

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)


  • GSE will work directly with facility managers and building owners facing known or suspected PCB problems to help develop practical approaches to identify and reduce PCB exposures and minimize associated risks.
  • GSE can provide:
    • PCB inspections and sampling
    • Pre-demolition, pre-renovation or pre-sale surveys
    • Identifying and selecting qualified abatement contractors
    • Abatement project design and management
    • Abatement monitoring and clearance services


  • GSE’s trained and certified Radon Measurement Technicians can provide the following services:
    • Design and implementation of radon testing programs
    • Data analysis and recommendations for mitigation
    • Periodic monitoring programs
    • Educational or public relations programs to place radon related risks in proper perspective
    • Post mitigation confirmation sampling and reporting

Radon Movement- Click to enlarge


Pesticides - Click to enlarge

  • Review and technical guidance of Integrated Pest Management programs
  • Soil and other environmental sampling for pesticide residual contamination
  • Exposure assessments for building occupants or employees

Environmental Site Assessments

  • NJDEP Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) services available for applicable projects.
  • GSE has developed a thorough and effective site assessment protocol based on a phased approach consistent with applicable standards and regulations.
    • PHASE I Environmental Site Assessments or NJDEP Preliminary Assessments. Includes a historical records and regulatory status review, on-site investigations and report. These assessments can be supplemented to include asbestos, mold, lead-based paint, PCBs and radon.
    • PHASE II Remedial Investigation/Characterization. Includes remedial work plan development, sampling and field testing, geophysical surveys, hydrogeologic assessments, laboratory analysis, UST testing/ investigations, findings and remedial recommendations, air and soil gas monitoring, feasibility study, monitoring well/soil boring installations.
    • PHASE III Remedial Actions. Includes UST removal/product recovery, aquifer restoration, hazardous material excavation, physical/chemical treatment, bio-remediation, waste stabilization, groundwater modeling and remedial system design.

Underground Storage Tanks

Underground Storage Tanks - Click to enlarge

  • GSE's sub-surface evaluators conduct site inspections, soil and tank testing, consulting and removal project management. Services include liaison and required filings with state and local environmental officials via LSRP oversight where required.

Air Pollution Control Permitting and Consulting

  • GSE offers cost effective air permitting services to ensure your compliance with applicable air pollution regulations. Our air pollution permitting experts will collect all of the necessary information about the covered equipment and complete the required permit application(s) on-line, freeing you up for other priorities. We will also track each permit application to insure that the required renewals and/or modifications are completed on time. Services available for all permitted air emissions sources including:
    • Boilers greater than 1 million BTUs
    • Emergency generators
    • Air pollution control equipment
    • Land field gas collection systems
    • Manufacturing/industrial processes