As part of the licensing approval process, many Child Care Centers and Educational Facilities in New Jersey are required to obtain a Safe Building Interior Certification (SBIC) from the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH). This generally applies to centers or schools in buildings that:

  • were constructed prior to 1979
  • previously housed a highly hazardous operation
  • are located on or near potential sources of contamination such as industrial sites, dry cleaner, nail salon, or current or past underground contamination
  • have been identified by the NJDEP as a site of environmental concern

If a SBIC is required, a licensed professional must perform an Indoor Environmental Health Assessment (IEHA). The IEHA is designed to evaluate the risk of poor indoor air quality from potential outside and inside sources of environmental contamination. GSE is licensed by the NJDOH as an Indoor Environmental Consultant (IEC) for Child Care Centers and educational facilities. As such, we regularly perform IEHAs for new, relocating or renovating Child Care Centers throughout New Jersey. The process typically involves:

  • Review of NJDEP Preliminary Assessment Reports (PARs) including any environmental test results
  • On-site facility inspection
  • Asbestos survey and testing
  • Lead-based paint survey and testing
  • Radon testing
  • Indoor environmental sampling if necessary based on site conditions
  • Completion of multiple required IEHA forms
  • Recommendations on licensing for final NJDOH determination

GSE’s team includes all of the professional certifications and experience necessary to complete the entire process cost effectively and quickly. We even have associated environmental firms to complete the Preliminary Assessments in coordination with the IEHA.