Initial Mold Assessment

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Initial meeting and on-site inspection to collect background information, such as age, construction and use of the building, observations of building occupants/owners, water infiltration history, relevant health concerns, etc. Inspect for any visible or potential hidden mold growth, evidence of elevated moisture levels or damage on susceptible building materials. Digital photography and collection of detailed information for developing remediation plans are included to maximize effectiveness. Aggressive inspections for hidden suspected damage may be done as indicated, with authorization.

This initial site visit can generally be scheduled within 48 hours of authorization, or sooner for emergency situations.

Environmental sampling to confirm, quantify, and characterize the presence of microbial contaminants. Sampling is only done as justified by history and inspection findings. Case specific sampling strategies are developed to cost effectively collect the necessary data without over-testing. All analysis is provided by contract AIHA Accredited laboratories. Sampling and analysis is available for a variety of biological contaminants including, mold, bacteria, viruses etc.

Written Report of methodologies, findings, recommendations, and specifications for remediation, if indicated. Reports are carefully documented, readable, specific, and defensible. Preliminary verbal and/or electronic reports are also provided upon request.