Preventative Action Plan

Recommended preventive action plans typically include:

Controlling or eliminating chemical usage to prevent indoor air quality concerns

  • Track chemical products being used
  • Ensure proper storage and usage through technical guidance and employee training
  • Select less toxic and more indoor air friendly substances
  • Purchase materials, equipment, and furniture that are less likely to "off-gas" hazardous substances

Establish and implement a HVAC preventative maintenance plan

  • Routine maintenance of key elements of HVAC system
  • Periodic inspections of systems
  • Awareness of warning signs of system problems
  • Monitor air turnover rates as related to occupancy levels and usage

Establish water intrusion and moisture control program

  • Routine inspection of building envelope and exterior finishes
  • Routine inspection of plumbing and HVAC systems
  • Routine testing for moisture intrusion
  • Awareness of warning signs of water intrusion and possible microbial growth

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