JERRY Z. MARCUS, QEP, Sr. Air Quality Specialist

Jerry MarcusMr. Marcus has over 30 years of experience in the environmental field, both as a consultant and corporate environmental and process engineer.   He specializes in control technology associated with emissions of air pollutants, Title V permitting, air emissions permitting and air emissions inventories/reporting.  His responsibilities include the project and technical management and performance of such projects for industrial and municipal clients.  Mr. Marcus was among the first environmental professionals to be awarded the Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) certificate by the Institute of Environmental Practice of the Air and Waste Management Association.  Currently, he serves as Past Chairman of the Northern and Central New Jersey Chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association.

Examples of his experience include:

  • Developed approximately 100 Title V Operating Permit applications for the various industries including, natural gas transmission industry, pharmaceuticals, utilities and food products. 
  • Developed seven Title V Operating Permit renewal applications for the natural gas transmission industry.
  • Manager for the development of Title V Operating Permits for 30 facilities in Pennsylvania, 9 facilities in New York, 11 facilities in Ohio, 25 facilities in West Virginia and one facility in Virginia for two natural gas transmission companies. 
  • Manager of NOx/RACT project requiring the development of RACT compliance plans for 25 natural gas transmission facilities in Pennsylvania.  Sources include boilers, engines and heaters.
  • Principal Investigator in a project requiring the development of NOx and VOC RACT compliance plans for two Pennsylvania steel manufacturing facilities.
  • Developed over thirty New Jersey RADIUS air permit applications/amendments/7-day notices/revisions for various industrial facilities.
  • Developed New Jersey Annual Emission Statements for various industrial facilities using RADIUS.
  • Developed New York State Annual Emission Statements for various industrial facilities.
  • Renewed five New York State Title V permits.
  • Worked with West Point (United States Military Academy) to renew its Title V Operating Permit and to evaluate permitting strategies. 
  • Permitting and conceptual design activities associated with the installation of three water scrubbing columns used to control solvent emissions for Par Pharmaceutical (NY); evaluation of the regulatory and economic feasibility of converting a resource recovery facility into a medical waste incinerator for Fort Dix (NJ); evaluation and documentation of air permitting requirements and history for over 300 stacks at a paper manufacturing company for Dexter, CT; monitoring and dispersion modeling of air emissions at Blydenburgh Road Landfill (NY); and indoor air monitoring for pharmaceutical raw material for the P.F. Laboratories, Inc. (NJ);  developing an air permit application for a sewage sludge incinerator, including emission factors, air dispersion modeling and a state-of-the-art emissions control technology evaluation for Two Bridges Sewerage Authority (NJ).
  • Assisted a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in evaluating the NOx emissions from 12 boilers.  Currently in the process of obtaining federally enforceable permit limits to reduce total facility NOx emissions to below the level at which RACT equipment must be installed.
  • Managed the development, submission and approval of 16 air permit applications for a New Jersey pharmaceutical facility, 31 air permit applications for a New Jersey lithographic film and photochemicals manufacturer and 40 air permit applications for a New York consumer products manufacturer.
  • Manager of air compliance auditing and air permitting projects for several pharmaceutical plants, a batch chemical plant, a cosmetics manufacturer and a pulp and paper mill facility.  Quality assurance check of an air emissions computerized calculation program.
  • Responsible for all aspects of projects involving air quality including PSD, BACT evaluations, dispersion modeling, permitting, abatement control, emergency evacuation planning, new project reviews and contact with the public and government agencies.
  • Manager for the development of two New Jersey Title V Operating Permit applications for a food products company.
  • Manager for the development of a New Jersey Title V Operating Permit application for a cogeneration facility.
  • Developed and implemented an ambient air monitoring program for volatile organics, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, and asbestos fiber for the Newsom Brothers Superfund site (MS).
  • Assisted in development of environmental compliance management systems to comply with all environmental regulations for two natural gas compressor stations.
  • Managed a multi-phased VOC emissions control project.  Phases of the project included an air compliance audit, Administrative Consent Order and penalty negotiations with the state regulatory agency, a process study, air permit applications (approval obtained in 10 weeks) control equipment feasibility study, a Township public hearing, duct work design, general contractor selection, CEM certification and stack test.
  • Managed or participated in numerous air quality projects, including: permitting and conceptual design activities associated with the installation of a carbon adsorption/air stripper system used to control solvent emissions for Par Pharmaceutical (NY); air permitting activities and regulatory negotiations associated with a pharmaceutical industry Notice of Violation for Par Pharmaceutical (NY).
  • Conducted ambient air monitoring for base neutral compounds and particulate matter at a New York City construction site believed to contain hazardous waste.
  • Conducted ambient air monitoring for volatile organic compounds at the Blydenburgh landfill- (NY).
  • Evaluated ambient air hydrogen sulfide levels near a municipal wastewater treatment plant for the Borough of the Township of North Caldwell, NJ.
  • Managed projects to estimate point source and fugitive emissions from two Ocean County Utilities Authority POTWs; obtain an air permit for a new batch chemical manufacturing process in Connecticut (approval obtained in 5 weeks); and for permitting the conversion of a large fuel oil burner to dual fuel capabilities.

Mr. Marcus hold a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Syracuse University and a M.S. in Environmental Science from Rutgers University.