Sample Project Descriptions - Training

A large public school district was inspected by the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services and found to be in violation of the NJ Worker and Community Right to Know Act, by not providing employees with the required Right to Know Training. Some training was previously provided, however the records were not complete and one company that was hired was not Certified. The State required the District to come into compliance over a very short time frame and had GSE provide the needed training and all of the necessary documentation. Our efforts brought the district into compliance.

A cardboard box manufacturer had two areas with noise levels above the OSHA "Action Level" of 85 dB(A). As a result, 30 employees had to be enrolled in a Hearing Conservation Program and receive noise training. GSE reviewed the original noise survey and arranged to have the workers receive hearing tests (audiometry). We then designed and implemented a bilingual noise-training program that was effective in explaining the importance of using hearing protection. Compliance rates for hearing protection use rose dramatically after the training.

A large regional cancer hospital had decided to upgrade its respiratory protection program for staff with potential contact to patients with TB. In conjunction with hospital safety staff, GSE conducted qualitative fit testing and staff training on how to properly maintain and wear respirators in accordance with OSHA Respiratory Protection regulations.

A major petroleum refiner had a recent layoff of staff, forcing many of its older supervisory staff to work over a rotating 24 hour shift. In response to employee requests, GSE developed a training program regarding the effect of shift work on safety and health. The program was successfully presented to about 200 people. Participant evaluations indicated that the participants felt more comfortable and especially appreciated the recommended "coping strategies."