Sample Project Descriptions - OSHA Compliance

GSE conducted an inorganic lead exposure assessment for a large lead smelter, which included full-shift personnel air sampling for lead dust and fume, reviewed and updated respiratory protection program and made recommendations for additional controls. Exposures were reduced and OSHA compliance was documented.

GSE performed a comprehensive occupational noise survey at a razor blade manufacturing plant, in response to an OSHA citation. Sound Level Meter and Dosimetry measurements helped determine the feasibility of additional noise abatement, and provided information to establish an effective Hearing Conservation Program, satisfying OSHA and resulting in a reduction in assessed penalty.

A large fragrance manufacturer has retained GSE to annually conduct OSHA air sampling to evaluate employee exposures to the solvents, isopropyl alcohol, toluene, and xylene, and noise. Data generated has helped prevent employees from being overexposed and ensured OSHA compliance by improving environmental controls which have measurably lowered exposures over time.

A large public high school had a chemical reaction in their chemistry storage/preparation room which resulting in two employees being overcome and the evacuation of the school. GSE’s team of experts reviewed the cause of the incident, coordinated cleanup, and followed-up by developing a Chemical Hygiene Plan. Surveyed all laboratories, chemical storage, fume hoods and other safety procedures in order to prepare the plan. Provided technical assistance to the Chemical Hygiene Officer and Committee in implementing the plan and training Science Teachers training how to prevent future incidents.

The NJ Department of Labor issued a citation to a large City for not meeting various requirements of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. GSE prepared an updated Exposure Control Plan, reviewed and organized the training and Hepatitis B vaccination records, and then trained all covered employees. These efforts were successful in obtaining compliance.