Sample Project Descriptions - Mold

In response to tenant complaints, GSE conducted an extensive mold exposure assessment in a large office building that included water infiltration involving exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS) and concrete slab issues. We collected direct, air, and carpet dust samples and reviewed other consultant's data. We developed a scope of work, technical specifications, bid documents and coordinated a phased remediation project, including clearance inspections and testing. After clearance, tenants were able to return with no further complaints.

A building management company operates a 400,000 square foot office building with a 7,000 square foot daycare center that was recently flooded. A contractor removed portions of the sheetrock and carpeting in an uncontrolled fashion. There was visible mold on portions of the remaining walls and open areas, allowing contamination to spread to other offices. An immediate assessment was done, which included sampling with same day results. The building owner promptly ordered remediation and clearance testing. Our consulting services assured the daycare provider and regulators that the mold level was acceptable and the center could be safely reoccupied.

A large residential home builder identified water intrusion and mold as important issues that need to be properly addressed at each of its communities. With GSE assistance, they developed a program to educate its staff to recognize, prevent, and properly respond to mold problems. In addition to helping develop and implement this program, GSE investigates homeowner complaints, conducts mold assessments, manages the remediation process, and completes clearance testing, thereby reducing homeowner concerns and reducing company liabilities.

A national homeowner insurance company routinely sends assignments pertaining to claims. GSE works directly with claims adjusters, remediation contractors, and insured homeowners to assure that the remediation process is fast, efficient, and effective. GSE allays homeowner fears by calmly guiding them through the sometimes emotional process of remediation and clearance.

GSE was retained by a large condominium development association to address roof leaks that resulted in mold growth on interior building materials. Microtoxigenic mold spores were found in return ducts of HVAC systems which distributed the mold throughout several units. GSE worked closely with the management and mold contractor to manage this difficult project, which resulted in full clearance and occupancy.