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Right to Know Season is here

"Right to Know" season is upon us...


As you know, the NJ Department of Health (NJDOH) requires that every public school conduct an annual chemical inventory and file Right to Know Surveys for each of their facilities to update any changes in the hazardous substances used or stored every year. REMINDER - you must file an updated survey even if no changes in facilities or hazardous materials occurred in the past year. The 2020 survey must be completed and filed on-line by July 15, 2021. That means it is best to get started early in the year to be sure that the deadline is met without frantic last-minute efforts. 


Each District must establish a NJDOH on-line Right to Know (RTK) account to register for access to the on-line RTK portal. Consultants completing the RTK surveys on behalf of Districts must be provided with an access code to allow entry of data. However, the final on-line filing and certification must be done by an authorized District representative.



Here's How GSE Can Help:


RTK Survey: Conduct a physical inventory of all facilities and enter survey data directly into the on-line RTK Survey Portal.
Central File Management: Review the existing central files for completeness and make recommendations for improvement (or update files for the District upon request). 
RTK Labeling: Identify improperly labeled containers and provide a list to the District (or provide and apply updated labels upon request).
RTK Posters: Supply the most current version of the RTK Poster for display.
RTK Pamphlets: Provide RTK pamphlets for your employees; this is often done during PEOSH Hazard Communication RTK training sessions.
Technical Consulting:   Provide expert consultation on handling hazardous chemicals and waste materials safely and in compliance with applicable regulations.
GSE offers these “value added” services at no additional cost for all RTK clients:
  1. Limited review of Central Files for missing SDSs
  2. Listing of containers with improper labels
  3. Data provided on electronic media to replace bulky notebooks and expedite information access (one-time conversion fees may apply)
  4. Identification of older or damaged chemical containers for disposal (where accessible)


COVID-19 Considerations:


Of course, on-site RTK inventories must be done with all possible pandemic related precautions. GSE’s trained consultants will:
  1. Never go on-site with any COVID symptoms or recent potential exposures
  2. Properly wear appropriate face coverings at all times
  3. Bring and regularly use hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant wipes
  4. Wear gloves where necessary
  5. Maintain social distancing with all other building occupants
  6. Open windows in work areas where practical and authorized by the District
BY THE WAY: GSE’s public health experts can also evaluate interior conditions including indoor air quality and HVAC systems to provide technical guidance on maintaining a healthy indoor environment during (and after) the pandemic.