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The Lead in Drinking Water Mandate is Here

Effective July 13, 2016, New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) 
regulations require public school districts to 
test drinking water in schools for lead.
While many school Districts in New Jersey have completed some lead in drinking water testing, not all testing programs have been comprehensive.  The new NJDOE regulation (effective July 13, 2016) requires that all water outlets used for drinking or food preparation be tested by July 13, 2017 (within 365 days of the effective date). 
While this is a costly endeavor, schools can apply to the NJDOE for reimbursement of all costs incurred after July 13, 2016.
The regulation requires the following:
  • Preparation of a complete plumbing profile (following detailed established protocols)
  • Testing of drinking water (in accordance with strict preparation and sample handling procedures)
  • Notification of all test results to NJDOE, at the facility and on the District's website (must include all program details)
  • Development of a detailed lead sampling and quality assurance plan (to ensure program validity)
  • Proper and immediate responses to lead in water levels above the "Action Level" of 15 PPB
  • Complete re-testing every 6 years
GSE's team of Industrial Hygienists, Environmental Consultants and Environmental Technicians has already assisted and is currently working with numerous school Districts throughout New Jersey in planning and implementing lead in drinking water testing.  We have the experience and resources to assist your District in complying with the NJDOE regulations.  Whether you use our services for sample collection and lab analysis only, or for complete program planning, management and technical consulting, you will find our fees competitive and our services responsive, detail oriented and scientifically correct.