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First Deadline Approaching for New RTK Online System

New Jersey Right to Know Update

First deadline approaching for new online system

On June 17, 2014 the State of New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) changed the requirements for submitting the public sector Right to Know (RTK) Survey from a paper to an online filing system. This means that going forward public employers, including school districts, must enter all RTK survey information into an online system administered by the NJDOH, rather than submitting the survey in hard copy form. Hard copies will still be sent to the other agencies that have always been required to receive this information.  In order to complete this process, the deadline for the 2013 5 Year RTK Survey has been extended to February 15, 2015.

In order to make the shift from a hard copy system to an online system, the NJDOH is requiring each public employer to set up an online account. The deadline to set up your account isSeptember 15, 2014.

The first step in the process is for each employer to identify an official RTK Coordinator, who must work directly for that employer. The employer should have already received a letter from the NJDOH indicating where the official RTK Coordinator should log in to register. If you do not have the registration letter, please call the NJDOH at (609)984-2202.

The information the RTK Coordinator enters during registration is sent to the NJDOH to set up a "My New Jersey Portal Account" ( After setting up an account, the RTK Coordinator will use an authorization code to gain access to the RTK online reporting system where the RTK Coordinator (or a consultant such as GSE) can complete the online survey. Instructions for the RTK Coordinator can be found by following the links below:

GSE's expert consulting team can assist as needed.  Please call 201-652-1119 with any additional questions about the new process or if you would like GSE's assistance in complying with these updated RTK program requirements.