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Drinking Water Outlet Testing is an Ongoing Task

In less than a year, New Jersey Public Schools will once again conduct testing for lead in drinking water outlets.  All NJ schools must test for lead from all drinking water outlets during the same three-year testing cycle. The next designated Statewide testing year is July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025.


You’re not off the hook in the meantime.  Summer is the prime time for facilities upgrades, plumbing repairs and outlet replacement projects.  According to the New Jersey Department of Education, testing of lead in drinking water must be completed after the replacement of any drinking water outlets or alteration to plumbing that may affect lead levels at the outlet. 


There’s no need to panicGSE's team of Industrial Hygienists, Environmental Consultants and Environmental Technicians has been assisting school Districts throughout New Jersey with their drinking water programs since the initiative started in 2016.  We have the experience and resources to assist your District in complying with the NJDOE regulations.  Whether you replaces a handful or outlets, or leased a new facility, we’re here to help.


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