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Lead in Drinking Water - Back In the News

September 19, 2019


A recent NJ State Water Task Force report has estimated that about 350,000 homes and businesses and an unknown number of apartment buildings and common interest communities are served by lead service lines. Lead pipes were common in buildings constructed before 1940, and lead solder was used until 1986.


In the summer of 2019, residents of a 37-story luxury tower in Newark’s downtown were being urged not to drink their water after recent tests showed elevated lead levels in the building. 


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Lead problems spread to Newark's downtown as residents of luxury high-rise told not to drink water

Newark's relying on bottled water to survive lead crisis.  Even Flinit is donating.

City was warned to stay away from Newark's water, and lead is only part of the problem


While re-testing in this Newark building showed very low levels of lead due to possible testing irregularities, this case highlights the need for proactive and have reliable data to make smart decisions.

Open this link for more information from GSE’s September 2019 ADVISOR newsletter.